"One Tomato to Rule Them All"
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Balam and the Spirit Within

“Balam and the Spirit Within” is a 2D action-adventure platformer inspired by Mayan culture (Balam means “jaguar” in Mayan).  Balam, the protagonist, is a young Mayan mute girl who embarks on a dangerous journey to prove that she is destined to be a great warrior.  We hope Balam’s story shares this message: To have a voice isn’t necessarily about speaking or being the loudest in the room; rather it’s your actions that define who you are and what good you bring to the world.

BALAM and the Spirit Within


We are a startup indie video game developer based in Chiapas, Mexico.  Our mission is to make inclusive, entertaining and heartwarming video games for those who enjoy diverse and visually engaging games.  bad tomato games recognizes that stories told from different cultural viewpoints are still greatly needed in our industry. We believe our first title “Balam and the Spirit Within” will fulfill this industry need as well as find support from players who are willing to invest in diverse games.  We hope “Balam and the Spirit Within” inspires both developers (especially from Mexico and Latin America) and gamers alike to create and consume more culturally inclusive video games.

Our team includes a passionate and diverse group of independent contractors from all over the world.  At bad tomato games we encourage open and honest communication between our team members so that we may best learn from each other in order to create a game that makes us all proud.